EMB 8000 5A Standard

Reference number:

EMB8000 5 A 0101 1 SHEV & 1 Vent group : 680305-0101
EMB8000 5 A 0102 1 SHEV & 2 Vent groups : 680305-0102
EMB8000 5 A 0103 1 SHEV & 3 Vent groups : 680305-0103
EMB8000 5 A 0105 1 SHEV & 5 Vent groups : 680305-0105
EMB8000 5 A 0202 2 SHEV & 2 Vent groups : 680305-0202
EMB8000 5 A 0203 2 SHEV & 3 Vent groups : 680305-0203

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EMB8000 standard – Technical Data

Operation voltage 230V AC
Output voltage 24 V DC (residual ripple <2 Vpp)
Power consumption 120 – 1728 W (depending on version)
Output current 5 – 72 A (depending on version)
Ambient temperature range -5 …+40°C
Housing Surface mounting, steel sheet RAL7035 (light grey)
Dimensions (B x H x D) s. data sheet
Protection rating IP 54
Number of SHEV groups 1 – 6 (depending on version)
Number of Vent groups 1 – 12 (depending on version)
Certification VdS certification no.: G512005
Power supply compliant with EN 12101-10

EMB8000 standard – Version

Version see data sheet
Variants 0101 = 1 SHEV group / 1 Vent group
0202 = 2 SHEV groups / 2 Vent groups

EMB8000 Feature / Equipment

  • Standard control units with predetermined factory assembly
  • CD with free software “EMB8000” for configuring the basic functions
  • Other settings (e. g. maintenance period, change of priorities, group formation, networking of several control units
  • Integration into building management system via fee required software license
  • Network port for connection and integration in building management systems (LON, KNX)
  • Various operating and display elements
  • Top cable entry
  • Prepared for 2 maintenance-free backup batteries
  • Further options on request

EMB8000 – Planning notes

The build-in modules of EMB8000 are connected to each other and communicate via the digital network bus.

On delivery respectively as long as the delivered software confi guration is not changed, the modules are self-learning. SHEV groups can be easily and felxibel confi gured by selective lining up of the modules. A new SHEV group is created by adding a Sensor-Module (SM) into the row. All following Drive-Modules (DM / DMX) belong to the new SHEV group.

In the control units with 2 or 3 switch mode power supplies in one housing (48 A and 72 A), the interconnection of Drive-Modules (DM / DMX) and their total current consumption has to be adapted to the current consumption of the individual switch mode power supply at which they are connected. This can be done by replugging the power supply of the modules. The SHEV group to which the DM/DMX belongs is irrelevant. To ensure the optimum of safety in case of a failure of a switch mode power supply, it is recommended to power the DM/DMX of one SHEV group from only one switch mode power supply. The maximum switching capacity of the DM-modules is to be noted.

Due to the compact design of the modules, the module connection terminals for peripheral devices are limited to 1 mm² and for drive lines to 2,5 mm² rigid wire conductors. The cross sections of the wires between control unit and drives depend on the cable length, the current consumption as well as the voltage drop on the line. A 35-mm snap-on mounting rail is provided inside the housing, for additional bigger connection terminals if the required cable cross section is larger than the module-own connection terminals. Suitable connection terminals will be found under „accessories“.

The sizing and equipment of the control units EMB8000 depend on:

  • Number of smoke detectors per CM / SM or per control unit
  • Number of break-glass units per CM / SM or per contrul unit
  • Number of networked control units via CAN-BUS
  • Maximum equipment with modules according to the internal power comsumption, the size of main power supply and the capacity of backup batteries
  • Number of cable entries according to the size of housing and the use of the inputs and ouputs of the modules

EMB8000 standard – Limitation

On the pages in the following you will find a variety of factory fi tted standard control units. The selection was made under consideration of all design aspects which are neccessary for planning as: maximum module equipment depending on the current consumption, size of the power supply, capacity of the backup batteries, maximum number of the cable entries which are depending on the dimensions of the housing and the use of the module inputs and outputs. When using factory fitted standard control units please note the limitations as in the following:

  • Number of smoke detectors per CM / SM 10 pieces
  • Number of break-glass units per CM / SM 10 pieces
  • Number of smoke detectors per control unit 60 pieces
  • Number of break-glass units per control unit 60 pieces
  • Number of networked control units via CAN-BUS 35 pieces1. The order of the module assembly is pre-specified
    2. The factory expension of these control units with additional modules is not possible
    3. The customer-side installation of additional modules within the limitations
    of the control unit is possible

EMB8000 – Highlights

  • Control panel compliant with prEN 12101-9
  • Power supply compliant with EN 12101-10
  • Easy and space saving installation on mounting rail with many combination options, easy configuration of SHEV and Vent groups by selective lining up of the modules
  • Control and sensor module with 3 monitored detector lines with different priorities for connection with:
    •  Manual break-glass unit (HSE)
    •  Automatic smoke and heat detectors
    •  Control signal from fire alarm system
  • Drive module with monitored line outputs for connection of drives up to 20 A
  • Relay module for evaluation and transmission of events (emergency open, fault signal, feedback signals)
  • Weather module for connection with wind speed sensors, wind direction sensors and rain sensors
  • Network modules (LON, KNX)
  • All ventilation button inputs with OPEN-STOP-CLOSE function and adjustable priorities
  • Various display and control elements
  • Various settings of basic functions via software offered by download (free of charge)
  • Special functions via fee required software as in the following:
    •  Service and maintanance intervals
    •  Changes of priorities, switching-threshold and switch-off times
    •  Deactivation of detector lines or their monitoring
    •  Control of alarm functions via a volt-free contact of the fire alamr system
    •  Network integration
  • Steel sheet housing, protection rating IP40/IP54 alternatively available with fixing brackets
  • Cable exit from above
  •  Prepared for connection of backup batteries (72 hours)

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