LZ6 24V 24A

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6x 4,0 A : 660071

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Control panels, power supplies and accessories for natural ventilation by window openers
Ventilation control units control window drives for natural ventilation safely and reliably. Combined with weather, temperature and room sensors, they ensure sufficient fresh air in daily use, and relaxing comfort by means of controlled natural ventilation. This both preserves the environment and reduces energy costs.

The AUMÜLLER product range offers the optimum actuation for every SHEV system with adequate power supply: from the small compact control unit for stairwell smoke extraction to the data bus controlled, multi-functional, network capable modular unit for smoke exhausting in complex buildings. Functional design, precise workmanship and comfortable operability allow optimal integration into modern overall architectural concepts for building automation.

Industrial and office buildings, residential buildings and schools or atriums and conservatories are just a few examples where you can use ventilation control units for natural ventilation.

Whether big or small – we have the solution for all buildings.


LZ1 / LZ6 – Technical Data

Operation voltage 230V AC
Output voltage 24 V DC (residual ripple <2 Vpp)
Power consumption 60 – 720 W (depending on version)
Output current 2,5 – 30 A (depending on version)
Housing Surface mounted, sheet steel RAL7035 / plastic (ABS)
Dimensions (W x H x D) see data sheet
Protection rating IP 30
Number of line inputs 1 – 6 (depending on version)
Number of Vent groups 1 – 6 (depending on version)
Connection S12 Drives for communication with bus module
Slots Data bus module (LON, KNX) / SHEV module

LZ1 / LZ6 – Version

Version LZ1 – 1 Vent group
LZ6 – 6 Vent groups
Variant LZ1 2,5A
LZ6 24A (6 x 4A)
LZ6 30A (6 x 5A)

LZ1 / LZ6 Feature / Equipment

  • DIP switch configurable in dead-man or jog-switch mode
  • Parallel switching of various LZ1 or LZ6 control units
  • Drives with intelligent load dependend cut-off switch (S12) can be operated via the bus report for controlled natural ventilation
  • Individually fused outputs
  • Various display and control elements
  • Further options on request

LZ1 / LZ6 – Highlights

  • Compact design, suitable for installation in false floor or suspended ceilings
  • Easy interconnection of the outputs into ventilation groups
  • Ventilation control units are suitable for operating in series connection (cascadable)
  • Ventilation button inputs with OPEN-STOP-CLOSE function and up to 3 priorities
  • Input for higher-ranked volt free wind and rain signals
  • Suitable for the use in controlled natural ventilation systems
  • Special functions via software
  • Relay module for the single or group-wise control of 1 drive 230 V AC, suitable for the installation in a flush-mounted junction box behind the ventilation button

LZ1 / LZ6 – Mounting

AUMÜLLER ventilation control units can be used in systems for natural ventilation via electromotive operated windows. The drives are controlled – depending on the version – either via the 230V AC primary side or via the 24 V DC secondary voltage. Some of the control relay need an external power supply. Therefore you have a choice of power supplies available.
The flat, space saving housings of the control units can be installed in suspended ceilings or raised floors. You don´t have to worry about the assignment of the drives or the drive outputs within the Vent groups because this can changed later by the interconnection of inputs.
The switching relays for 24V DC and 230 V AC drives can be installed in switch boxes, either surface mounted as well as flush mounted. Such versions ara also available for installlation in distributor housings.
The switching power supplies are also available with a housing or for the installation in distribution boxes.

Natural  SHEV saves lives


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