KATO 24V 300N


Black : 6050029
White : 6050030
Silver : 6050031

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KATO 24V – Technical Data

Push and pull force 300 N 300 N
Strokes (mm) 110, 200, 300, 400 mm 110, 200, 300, 400 mm
Syncro3 Synchronization NO NO
Power supply voltage 230V ~  50Hz 24V = (DC)
Current at nominal load 0,115 A 0,950 A
Power absorbed at nominal load ~25 W ~23 W
No-load speed 11,5 mm/s 12,5 mm/s
Maximum no-load stroke time 32 s 32 s
Double electrical insulation YES L.V.
Service type S2 of 3min S2 of 3min
Operating temperature -5°C ÷ +65°C -5°C ÷ +65°C
Degree of protection for electrical devices IP30 IP30
Soft-stop NO NO
 Relax-function YES YES
Frame rebated overlap self-learning Self placement Self placement
Connection in parallel YES YES
Power supply cable length 2 m 2 m
Opening stroke-end Electronic dip-switch setting Electronic dip-switch setting
Closing stroke-end At absorption of power At absorption of power
Overload protection At absorption of power At absorption of power
Dimensions 386,5 x59 x 37 mm 386,5 x59 x 37 mm
Weight 0,97 Kg 0,94 Kg

KATO 24V – Specifications

KATO 24V – Specifications

Electric linear actuator with double-row four-link articulated chain enclosed in an appropriate composite casing, suited for moving awning windows, hopper windows, dormer windows and light domes. The actuator has a push and pull force of 250N and is designed to function at 110/230V AC 50/60Hz or 24V DC. It is supplied complete with quick coupling screw-less assembly brackets (patented). Awning or hopper window brackets with quick coupling (patented). Two opening strokes with mechanical selection. Stroke-end stop during opening and closing at power absorption and as protection against overloading. Can be connected in parallel.

Complies with the Directives 2004/108 EC (EMC Directive) and 2006/95 EC (Low Voltage Directive).


Pivoting frame

Roof frame

Vasistas frame

Ouward frame

Brackets in the package

Brackets vertical mounting
Ref : 4010003

Bracket outward opening
Ref : 4010005

Vasistas brackets
Ref : 4010006

Standard support brackets
Ref : 4010002

Brackets for special applications

Brackets horizontal junction
Ref : 4010025

Brackets dormer window
Ref : 4010026

Lower brackets with security clutch
Ref : 4010027

Standard colors

(RAL 9004)

(RAL 9003)

(RAL 7047)

BLACK cable
for black model
WHITE cable
for white/grey model

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