LLA10 S12 24V 1000N


LLA10 60mm/s S12 : 520306
LLA10 120mm/s S12 : 520312
LLA10 200mm/s S12 : 520343

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LLA – Description

AUMÜLLER LLA drives have a rectangular, attractive aluminium housing which encloses the microprocessor-controlled electronics, the motor-gear unit and the spindle which surrounds the clutch mechanism of the louvre. The end caps are of grey plastic. After installation the housing of the drive lie flat against the housing. Due to the finish of the housing which is available in the same colour as the louvre window the drive integrates itself in an expressive way into the façade.

It is possible to customise the followers which transfer the drive power to the housing. They are made from polyamide (PA6) as standard and have a cutout of 13 x 22 x 8mm. The length of the strokes can be adjusted to the LLA drive.

The integrated microprocessor guarantees self-learning stroke recognition by means of a electronic positioning encoder. The running direction – as single drive or as a sychnchronised application – operates via a DIP switch. The key parameters like stroke length, speed, stroke force and synchronous running are freely programmable. The soft-start and soft-stop both protect the window drive against overload, and the opening casement as well as the attachment elements against premature wear. The integrated emergency closing application can be activated very easily by placing a magnet over the reed contact.

The synchronous operation of several window drives are possible, as well as various customer- and object-specific configurations.

The drives are attached on the lateral window frame via concealed drillings – which are located below the bevelled end caps – is installation-friendly and timesaving. It is possible to run up to 6 louvre drives in synchronised multi-operation mode.

LLA – Version

Cut-off switch S12 – Internal intelligent cut-off switch
Versions LLA10 with 1000 N
LLA16 with 1600 N

LLA – Options

  • Housing finish according to RAL
  • Extension of lead length
  • Electronic stroke reduction
  • Synchronised run of up to 4 drives and
  • special functions programmable
  • Programmable sequence control with FV locking drives (S3/S12 SW V2)
  • Customised followers and strokes on request


Due to their compact design, the housings of AUMÜLLER LLA drives lie flat against the window profile. They are used in SHEV systems and as well as for natural ventilation via automated windows, mainly in façades.

The window openers are installed surface mounted at the side of the louvre window.

Because of a microprocessor-controlled load dependent cut-off switch, synchronous operation with multi drive applications or sequencial controls with locking drives or object-specific special solutions are possible without additional devices.

Users and manufacturers of louvre windows appreciate the self-learning stroke recognition, a comfortable mounting and the easy-to-use emergency closing safety function.


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