FTA600 R S12 24V 3000N


FTA600 R S12 24V : 524144

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FTA600 R – Description

Electric window openers for SHEV and natural ventilation

AUMÜLLER folding arm drives have a attractive, rectangular aluminium housing and a latterally positioned folding arm. The folding arm is approximately as long as the housing. When closed, the arm lie flat against the housing. The opening angle is restricted to about 93°. The opening time is about 45 seconds. The mircoprocessor controlled cut-off switch and the motor gear unit are contained into the housing.

The integrated microprocessor regulates the drive force by means of a electronic positioning encoder in relation to the stroke length. The soft-start and soft-stop both protect the window drive against overload, and the opening casement as well as the attachment elements against premature wear. The integrated contact can be programmed for return contacts or onward signal transmission.

The FTA drives have been developed for installation at the side closing edge of side-hung windows. They are however also used on doors which are opened automatically in the event of a fire to allow the inlet of fresh air, and in normal operation can still be opened easily by means of the latch. The opening angle of the side-hung window or the doors is determined by the distance between the pivot points of the folding arm and the hinges. When used on doors as an airflow opening, the potential-free contact in the window drive is used for control of an electric door-opener or a bolt lock.

Various easy-to-install accessories are available for the convenient installation of the drive.

FTA600 R – Version

Cut-off switch S12 – Internal intelligent cut-off switch
Version R – with role: The folding arm opens via role free moving doors for air inlets at 90°

FTA600 R – Options

  • Housing finish according to RAL
  • Extension of lead length
  • Electronic stroke reduction
  • Programmable return contact
  • Programmable special functions
  • M-COM for atuomatic synchronised run of multi drive systems and
    automatic sequence control with FV locking drives (S3/S12 SW V2)
  • Further options on request

FTA600 R – Applications


  • Natural ventilation, SHEV
  • Mainly for opening of doors as air intlets
  • Internal Intelligent Control Electronics S12
  • Programmable contact for door opener
  • Uni!ed plug solution for all AUMÜLLER chain drices and AUMÜLLER folding arm drives


  • Programmable special functions
  • M-COM for automatic synchronised run of multi drive systems and automatic sequence
  • Control with locking drives (S3 / S12)
  • Various customised programmings on request


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