M-COM Click



M-COM® Click Configuration module for synchronised multi-drive systems

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Technical data

Rated voltage : 24V DC (19 V … 28 V)
Current consumption : <12 mA
Drive type : S12

Protection rating : IP30
Ambient temperature range : -5 °C … +70 °C
Dimensions : 40 x 26 x 15 mm
Connection : for Aumüller chain drives with Aumüller-Click plug solution
Equipment : Tongs for removing the M-COM® Click

Feature / Equipment

Able to configurate drive parameters by simple plug-on into the single or last drive of the multi-drive system.
Suitable for 24V- or 230V-drives, but it can only be used on the 24V-side.


Configuration module for automatic configuration and surveillance of max. 4 opening drives / 2 locking drives version S12/ S3 in synchronised multidrive systems.


• By using the M-COM® Click 6 single actuators (drives or locks) are linked together in a multi-drive system.
• Whithin seconds, the M-COM® Click links and programmes the synchronized driverunnint mode and one sequentce control, if additional locks are involved. When using 2 locking drives, these run parallel.
• The LED display of the M-COM® Click signals the successful initialization, the number of components installed in the system and – if occurring – malfunctions.
• The use of standard drives in a drive system saves storage costs.
• Subsequent installed or exchanged components can be easily adressed and programmed.


Technical information