K-LOCK 24V 600N

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Anodized aluminium : 6275006

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K-LOCK – Technical Data

Push and pull force at start 600 N – 850 N allo spunto
Stroke 18 mm / 36 mm
Power supply voltage 24V= (20,4 ÷ 30V=)
Current at nominal load 0,85 A during the opening/closing – 1,2 A for amperometric block
Power absorbed at nominal load ~ 20 W
No-load speed 5 mm/s
Maximum no –loas stroke duration 4 s (18 mm) – 7.2 s (36 mm)
Double electric insulation Very low tension
Duty rate 30%
Service S2 1 minute
Case material Aluminium alloy extrude
Operating temperature – 20°C ÷ +70°C
Degree of protection for electrical devices IP40
Opening/closing stroke end Electronically set
Operating with chain actuators Selectable
Operating without chain actuators Selectable
Silicone cable 3×0,5 mm2 – 2,00 m
Overload protection in Open/close Supply cut due to power overload
Dimensions 25,5×25,5×357
Weight 0,560 Kg

K-LOCK – Specifications

K-LOCK – Specifications

• Power control over the entire stroke, provided with safe stop if overload occurs.
• Stroke end: electronic opening stroke-end with two openings strokes 18/36 mm selectable through dip-switches.
• The K-LOCK can be connected in parallel with other K-Lock and/or chain drives thanks to SYNCRO3 (Nekos
patented) technology, for a maximum of 8 units in total, in compliance with Directive 2004/108 CE (EMC) and
2006/95 CE (B.T.)
• Anodized Aluminium case, provided with silicon cable and metallic heads for fixing.


K-LOCK – features

▪ K-LOCK key factors are its POWER (600 N while working e 850 N at starting point), which grants high functioning reliability also under severe conditions, low power consumption (0,85 A) and quietness.
▪ RELIABILITY tested through 10.000 cycle at maximum load.
▪ SAFE: an accurate design of components, the quality of the material we used, a careful assembly and
the functional testing of each single actuator made before delivery, grant high reliability standards.
▪ Fundamental functions are all integrated into a sophisticated electronics with microprocessor. K-LOCK can be used alone or combined with other electromechanical lock and/or with other INKA SYNCRO3 (NEKOS patented) without any external control units. The integrated control knows in every moment the status of the whole system “window/actuators/closing hardware” and automatically realizes the correct sequence open/close.
▪ The BK-LOCK version can be used ONLY in combination with 24V= (DC) KATO and KIMO chain actuators.

▪ VERSATILE: the elegant aluminium case characterized by a simple design and compact dimensions (25x25mm) allow recessed mounting in many kind of frame and windows (e.g. vasistas, outward…) as well as surface mounting with a minimal visual impact.
▪ EASY TO INSTALL: its small size, which demands minimum changes in the profile, the electronic stroke regulation during opening/closing and the immediate stroke setting through the dip-switches make it a rapid and simple installation product.
▪ Smoke and heat extraction system (RWA): entirely made of metal, K-LOCK is certified under EN 12101-2 and can be used for RWA installation.
▪ ANTI-BURGLAR SYSTEM: Combined with perimetral hardware, with or without INKA chain drives, it constitutes a burglar-resistant system and by reaching the perfect closing of the window grants a high thermal K.
▪ MADE IN ITALY: Nekos designs and builds all its own products, relying on a qualified Italian sup- pliers’ network. The R&D department within Nekos develops software and hardware compo- nents, which are pivotal to all our products.



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