KH1 – KH1R 8A

Reference number:

6720001 : KH1 Control unit 1 exit 230V
6720002 : KH1R Control unit 1 exit 230V + Remote control
6720003 : KH2 Control unit 2 exits 230V
6720004 : KH2R Control unit 2 exits 230V + Remote control
6720005 : KH4 Control unit 4 exits 230V
6720006 : KH4R Control unit 4 exits 230V + Remote control
6720007 : KH6 Control unit 6 exits 230V
6720008 : KH6R Control unit 6 exits 230V + Remote control

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KH – Medium-voltage unit (230VAC)

KL – Low-voltage unit (24VDC)

Nekos, after years of specific experience in the window sector, has now launched on the market the new K series control units which, using the principle of control system expansion, guarantee the best performance of the window automation device. The control units are used to power and control medium voltage (230V~ 50Hz) and low-voltage (24V DC) electric motors, either individually or simultaneously. A programming menu – viewable on the display allows for customized settings.

The “R” version equipped with a radio receiver allows to remotely control the motorizations through the 30-channel PIK radio remote control. The control units can automatically monitor meteorological activity with the aid of rain, wind and light sensors and a daily timer. For a better explanation of the functions, refer to the instructions manual available on the website All the control units are contained in an impact-resistant plastic cabinet with IP55 protection and comply with the Directives 2004/108 EC (EMC Directive) and 2006/95 EC (Low Voltage Directive).



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