SKY 450 230V 450N

Reference number:

Course 180 mm : 6221001
Course 230 mm : 6221002
Course 350 mm : 6221003
Course 550 mm : 6221004
Course 750 mm : 6221005
Course 1000 mm : 6221006

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SKY 450 230V 450N – Technical Data

Push and pull force 4450 N
Strokes 180, 230, 350, 550, 750, 1000mm
Power supply voltage 230V ~ (AC) 50Hz
Current absorbed at nominal load 0,080 A
 Power absorbed at nominal load ~18 W
No-load speed 6 mm/s
No-load stroke time According to course
Double electrical insulation YES
Service type S2 of 3min
Operating temperature -5°C ÷ +65°C
Degree of protection for electrical devices IP44
Soft stop NO
Relax function YES
Frame rebated overlap self-learning At absorption of power
Connection in parallel YES
Power supply cable length 1 m
Opening stroke-end At absorption of power
Closing stroke-end At absorption of power
Overload protection At absorption of power
Dimensions 103 x 47 x (stroke +135) mm
Weight Varies according to manufacture

SKY 450 230V 450N – Specifications

SKY 450 230V 450N – Specifications

Linear rack actuator suited for moving awning windows, hopper 31 windows, dormer windows and light domes. Push and pull
force of 450 N with one or more push points. It is designed to function at 230V AC 50Hz. The actuator comes complete with universal swivel bracket that can be fixed at any point along

the rod with two sliding clamps. Stroke-end at absorption of power in opening and closing and as electronic protection against overload.
Can be connected in parallel. Complies with the Directives 2004/108 EC (EMC Directive) and 2006/95 EC (Low Voltage Directive).

Standard colors: ANODIZED SILVER for metal parts in extruded aluminum and GREY (approx. RAL7035) for the shell of the gear motor. The power supply cable is always white.
Additional characteristics are provided in the Technical Data table.



Louvres frames

Sun blinds

Ouward frames

Brackets in the package

Small parts packaging for SKY
Ref : 4010013

Bracket for fixing to the frame
Ref : 4010051

Support bracket
Ref : 4010052

To be ordered separately

4010009 : Connection bar 1,00 m length
4010010 : Connection bar da 1,50 m length
4010011 : Connection bar da 2,00 m length
4010012 : Connection bar 2,50 m length

Standard colors

Metal parts

Supply power cable

Gear motor shell
(RAL 7035)

Die-cast parts


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