SP8 S2 24V 800N

Reference number:
100mm/s L 290mm SP8 S2 24V : 514110
200mm/s L 390mm SP8 S2 24V : 514120
300mm/s L 490mm SP8 S2 24V : 514130
400mm/s L 590mm SP8 S2 24V : 514140
500mm/s L 690mm SP8 S2 24V : 514150
600mm/s L 790mm SP8 S2 24V : 514160
750mm/s L 940mm SP8 S2 24V : 514175
100mm/s L 290mm SP8-Z S2 24V : 514310
200mm/s L 390mm SP8-Z S2 24V : 514320
300mm/s L 300mm SP8-Z S2 24V : 514330
400mm/s L 400mm SP8-Z S2 24V : 514340
500mm/s L 500mm SP8-Z S2 24V : 514350
600mm/s L 600mm SP8-Z S2 24V : 514360
750mm/s L 750mm SP8-Z S2 24V : 514375

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SP8 – Technical Data

Rated voltage 24V DC / 1,0 A
Cut-off switch S2 – Internal cut-off switch with additional limit switches
Pulling/Pushing force 800 N
Stroke 50 – 750 mm
Speed 7,0 mm/s
Housing (W x H x L) 43 x 76 mm , length depending on stroke
Opening mechanism Phosphated steel spindle, aluminium spindle tube anodised finish, damped end positions
Protection rating IP 54 or IP 65

SP8 – Version

Cut-off switch Cut-off switch for end positions and overload disconnection
Versions Z-Version with feedback of end position “CLOSE”

SP8 – Options

  • Aluminum housing anodized finish according to RAL
  • Extension of lead length
  • Mechanical stroke reduction
  • Cape for rear suspension
  • Eye-bolts and cleavis brackets for front and rear suspension
  • Protection rating IP 65
  • Further options on request

SP8 – Highlights

  • Housing of natural, anodised aluminium, RAL9016 or upon request in other RAL colours
  • Suitable for surface mounted installation
  • Robust, corrosion-resistant design
  • Side dovetail groove for fully-adjustable attachment by means of clamping screws
  • Universal brackets and casement brackets for all common window profiles
  • Various accessories for front and rear suspension
  • Z-version with feedback of end position “CLOSE”
    •  Stroke length, closing force, speed
    •  Rebate control

SP8 – Mounting

AUMÜLLER SP spindle drives ca be used in SHEV systems as well as for natural ventilation via automated windows, mainly in the roof area, but also in dome lights.

The window openers are installed surface mounted. The preferred installation locations are window frames (main closing edge or side closing edge).

The area of application includes side-hung, bottom-hung and top-hung windows as well as dome lights.


Technical information