KSA S12 24V DC 600N

Reference number:
KSA 250 S12 24V : 522725
KSA 300 S12 24V : 522730
KSA 400 S12 24V : 522740
KSA 500 S12 24V : 522750
KSA 600 S12 24V : 522760
KSA 800 S12 24V : 522780
KSA 1000 S12 24V : 522810
KSA 1200 S12 24V : 522812
KSA 250 S12 24V Z : 522723
KSA 300 S12 24V Z : 522733
KSA 400 S12 24V Z : 522743
KSA 500 S12 24V Z : 522753
KSA 600 S12 24V Z : 522763
KSA 800 S12 24V Z : 522783
KSA 1000 S12 24V Z : 522813
KSA 1200 S12 24V Z : 522823
KSA 1500 S12 24V Z : 522853
KSA 1500 S12 24V : 522815



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KSA – Technical Data

Rated voltage 24V DC / 1,2 A – 2,4 A
Cut-off switch S12 –Intelligent cut-off switch (programmable functions)
Pushing/Pulling force max. 600 N (1200 N Version D, TWIN)
Stroke 200 – 1500 mm – programmable
Speed 5 – 14 mm/s – programmable
Housing (W x H x L) 56 x 40 mm, length depending on stroke
Opening mechanism Rigid backed stainless steel sidebow roller chain
Versions Solo, Z, TWIN, D
Protection rating IP 32
Certification NSHEV compliant with EN 12101-2

KSA – Version

Cut-off switch S12 – Integrated, intelligent load dependend cut-off switch
Versions Z – Programmable feedback limit position „OPEN“ and „CLOSE“ (max. 24V / 0,5A)

KSA – Options

  • Aluminium housing anodized finish according to RAL
  • Extension of lead length
  • Electronic stroke reduction
  • Mechanical stroke reduction in 25mm steps
  • Special functions programmable
  • M-COM for automatic synchronised run of multi drive systems and automatic sequence control with FV locking drives (S3/S12 SW V2)
  • Further options on request

KSA – Highlights

  • Electronic speed regulation for synchronised running of the drives and specially low noise development when in ventilation operation
  • Z-version: programmable feedback limit position “OPEN” or “CLOSE”
  • TWIN- or D-type version with 2 chains and double force
  • Suitable for surface mounted drives
  • Robust, corrosion-resistant design
  • Universal brackets and casement brackets for all common profile systems
  • Housing of natural, anodised aluminium, RAL9016 or upon request in other RAL colours
  • Particularly easy to install paintable cover profile with a length of up to 4.5 m, suitable for covering one or several drives over the complete window width/height
  • The connection cable can be run out of the housing on either side
  • Programmable parameters of intelligent S12 electronic cut-off switch:
    •  Synchronised multi-operation of up to 4 opening and 2 locking drives with sequence control
    •  Soft start and soft stop at the end of stroke control
    •  Stroke length, closing force, speed
    •  Rebate control
  •  M-COM for automatic synchronised run of multi drive applications and automatic sequence control with FV locking drives (S3/S12 SW V2)

KSA – Mounting

Due to their slim design, chain drives from AUMÜLLER lie flat on the window profiles. They can be used in SHEV systems and for natural ventilation via automated windows, mainly in façades.

The window openers are installed either installed surface mounted or integrated into the profile. The preferred installation locations are window frames (main closing edge or side closing edge).

It is also possible to mount chain drives to side-hung, bottom-hung, top-hung, friction hinged and parallel outward opening windows.

Because of a microprocessor-controlled load dependend cut-off switch, synchronous operation with multi drive applications or sequential controls with locking drives or object-specific special solutions are possible without additional devices.

KSA and B1 F14 mounting to top hung outward opening window

KSA and D1 mounting to bottom hung inward opening window


Technical information