EMB 7300 2,5A wireless !

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EMB7300 2,5A 24V & 1 vent group : 683020-0101

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With the wireless HSE button, the antenna module and the radio ventilation control, you can turn a normal EMB7300 compact SHEV control unit into a radio SHEV and ventilation system for your stairwell.

An EMB7300 with radio module and weather sensors ensures good air quality in the staircase at all times, e.g. in summer it reduces the risk of overheating and protects the stairwell from wind and rain, even in the event of a power failure. THe SHEV function is always superior to ventilation.

The temperature-dependant opening and closing of the smoke exhausting and ventilation openings noticeably reduces energy costs,
so that the low investment costs are quickly recouped. A separate interface for simple connection to a central building management system rounds off the overall package.

The radio module for the EMB7300 extends the operating range of the SHEV control unit without the need to lay cables.

  • The radio module can be retrofitted in all types of EMB7300 and allows extension in existing buildings without extensive conversion work
  • In listed buildings, extensions to the smoke and heat exhausting system do not need any breaks or duct laying
  • By integrating the radio module in the EMB7300, no extra switchgear cabinet is required next to the SHEV control unit when extending with wireless
  • A high radio range also allows, even in larger installations, repeaters or other accessory parts to be dispensed with

The refreshing addition to the SHEV control unit regulates the air exchange in the stairwell without any need to lay cables to the controller.

  • The radio ventilation control can be combined with the EMB7300 and allows extensions in existing buildings without extensive conversion work
  • The EMB7300 is connected directly to the weather station, which minimizes wiring costs
  • The weather station and the battery-operated controller exchange their data and commands wirelessly
  • Accordingly, there is no need to lay cables for the radio ventilation control

The controlled natural ventilation in the stairwell can be retrofitted without considerable expense to an existing SHEV control unit.

  • Good air quality in the stairwell at all times
  • The risk of excessive temperatures in summer is reduced
  • The stairwell is protected against wind and rain
  • Energy costs are saved by temperature-dependent opening and closing
  • Low investment costs
  • The smoke and heat exhaustion function is always superior to ventilation
  • Safe, motorized closing of the windows even if the power fails
  • Simple connection to a central building management system is possible via a separate interface

Natural  SHEV saves lives


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